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Perfect Golf Swing Restoring Golf Grips Improves Your Odds

Golf has often been described as a game of inches...the six inches or so between the golfer's ears. There is a lot of truth to that statement and untold volumes have been written about developing confidence along with a great mental game. A good working definition of confidence might be playing to your ability while dealing well with adversity. "Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect" by Dr Bob Rotella, written with Bob Cullen in 1995 is an excellent example of the many books on the subject.

Pre-shot routines and reducing variables are markers for building confidence identified in almost all writings on the subject. It is in these areas particularly that Gotta-Grip can help the player develop and maintain confidence in his or her swing. These routines may be the cure if you occasionally slice, hook, hit the ball thin, skull, and/or mishit your shots.

Club makers like Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, Nike, Ping, and Jack Nicklaus all try to build their equipment to help compensate for less than perfect golf swings. However, as clubs wear (more importantly the grips); these "safeguards" become less help throughout the year. You may find yourself applying a tighter squeeze on the grip throughout the year, due to wear. Something to think about when you are trying to lower your handicap.

A relaxed grip equals an address to the ball that invites a well-executed golf shot. Furthermore, most experts, including the late, great Ben Hogan, agree that each club should be treated, or held in the exact same manner to ensure consistency in one's grip.

The idea behind pre-shot routines is to develop a behavior or set of behaviors before each swing that allows the player to pick a target, set the proper alignment, focus, visualize, and at address be totally ready to execute a good swing. The perfect swing begins in the mind (between the "six inches"), and through the pre-shot routine is transferred as much as possible to the actual shot.

The pre-shot routine varies from player to player and may be very noticeable with some players but not so much with others, whose routines may be more subtle but none the less specific. This process is repeated prior to every shot (although it may vary with the type of shot). The routine helps put variables like stance, alignment, target, and grip on automatic pilot.

Reducing variables is why Tiger Woods still receives coaching and instruction. It is also why the Golf Channel has so many popular shows and segments on the pre-shot routine, as does Golf Magazine. Going back to Ben Hogan teaching us in his written golf instruction to hold a golf grip with a loose (like holding a knife and fork) grip, it makes sense to be able to repeat this even when equipment is not in its original condition. We hit our drives (and use our drivers) approximately 14 times during a round, while other clubs like irons and wedges more often. They therefore wear accordingly.

What about variables like rain, wet slippery grips, and high humidity, steep up hill or downhill lies and buried bunker shots. Adding Gotta-Grip to your pre-shot routine in these and similar circumstances can be a real confidence booster. Good swings begin with a good grip and all golf teachers emphasize a light grip on the club. Gripping too tightly creates muscle tension in the arms and shoulders impeding a smooth well executed swing. Gotta-Grip creates a "new grip feel" when applied, even in difficult conditions as outlined above. This allows the player to take a normal grip, eliminating an otherwise difficult variable, and obviously help restore confidence that a good swing will result.

Being prepared is a confidence booster in itself, and the golfer with a product that is allowable under the USGA Rules of Golf, such as Gotta-Grip on the bag is prepared to meet some tough conditions with confidence.

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